Yonani Veneer Saw at Miles Supply

Yonani Veneer SawHere’s the veneer saw with all the advantages! Yonani’s Vibration Technology for better cutting! More cooling water gets to the cutting area with a vibration fence, keeping the stones freely moving by a single belt. (click Request for Quote on bottom of page)

Groundbreaking vibration technology in thin Veneer sawing, for better cooling of blades, resulting in:

  • High production 
  • Long life of blades 
  • Lower maintenance due to single belt

Cutting motor                                50HP (arbor driven)
Cutting spindle diameter              82mm | 3.25″
Cutting spindle RPM                     Customers specification
Belt conveyor speed                     0-12 ft/min
Max diamond blade dia                1200mm | 48″ max
Power Requirements                    480V/60HZ/3 Phase
Frame construction                       Galvanized
Blade guard                                    Stainless steel
Weight                                             8,800 lbs.
Variable speed                               Optional*

*Option: Inverter for variable blade speed

VeneerPro-Viper Veneer Saw Technical Specs – See VeneerPro flyer
Advantages – Vibration Technology Better cutting!
A claim we make due to more cooling water getting to the cutting area with the very slight vibration fence, keeping the stones freely moving by a single belt only.

Only one belt needs to be replaced periodically.

With 2 passes, corners can be cut with more precision due to one belt only. Dual belts do not always travel at the same speed, sometimes changing the position of the stones from one blade to the next and messing up corners in the process.

Sound insulated with Stratoceli® Whisper® foam.

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