Dust Collector: the Dust Trap

Our dust collector, The Dust Trap cabinet water-curtain style dust suppression system, is offered by Miles Supply as part of a solution to the increasing silica dust safety requirements by OSHA.

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Dust Trap dust collector
  • Wet filtering design
  • Low energy
  • Compact and adaptable
  • Custom sizes
  • Meets differing power requirements

Dust collector for bench stone dust. See Dust Trap flyer.

The Miles Supply Dust Trap collects dust through a water curtain. The dust collector creates a wall of water through a recycling sump pump. Two motor fans create a suction that pulls the dust particles through the water to settle on the bottom of the unit. Nozzles in the spray bars are uniquely designed to stay clean. An optional shroud extends sides and roof to make better suction.

Another option available is to add wheels to make the collector movable.

This tool serves as a main dust collection point but your shop may need additional tools to become OSHA compliant.