Yonani Saw for flats & corners on Bricks

Yonani saws work well on Marble, Granite, tile and veneer but did you know the MultiPro-400XL works great in making flats & corners on bricks?

Yonani flats & corners on bricks

Option for cutting brick corners in one pass and Tile Squaring option.

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Highlights of Yonani’s models:

MultiPro 400XL
tile squaring/ brick corners
2 independent spindles
cut 2 rows of bricks/thin veneer/blocks

MultiPro-Edge 48
up to 16 blades

Sound damping chamber for noise reduction.

Mostly used for marble and porcelain tiles

2-in-1 machine!
Single pass corner cutting, and easily raise the corner blade for flat cutting.

Yonani saws MultiPro

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