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Chart for stone types to fingerbit types Z4, Z6, Z5, XXX, and more
Chart for fingerbit typesSoft GR Soft Granite, Mid GR, Hard GR hard granite, ES Engineered Stone, Marble, Ceramic

Cutting Finger Bits by Nicolai

Z5 fingerbitZ5 Fingerbit – segmented, F=1/2Gas | 4500-5200 RPM | Feed 250-500mm/min; click to view product to submit a Quote request.

Twin Finger Bits Z6Twin Fingerbits Z6 – segmented, F=1/2Gas | 4500-5200 RPM | Feed 250-500mm/min; click to view product to submit a Quote request.


fingerbitCutting Fingerbits Nicolai Z3 XXX, Z4 small diameter, Z8 8th Wonder  click to view product for info and to submit a Quote request.

Nicolai 5 axis CNC toolsAsk us about Nicolai 5 axis CNC tooling. Full range of widia, pcd, electroplated and synthered mills for roughing, sculpting, finishing. Adapters, Extensions, Cones. Full range of stubbing wheels and profiling wheels.

High quality tools for the best value

  • 5 sizes available (XL, L, M, S, XS)
  • standard set of tools configured with seven steps (also available with 5 or 6 steps)
  • EVO™ SUPERFAST high speed technology
  • JoyLite™ polishing technology
  • The widest selection of shapes available on the market – always updated with custom profiles
  • 60 series  60mm SD (small diameter)   30mm radius   35mm fitting           custom fitting: 45mm, 22mm
  • 40 series  40mm SD (small diameter)   20mm radius   20mm fitting           custom fitting: 22mm
  • 20 series  20mm SD (small diameter)   10mm radius   1/2gas male fitting
  • 10 series  10mm SD (small diameter)     5mm radius   1/2 gas male fitting

Metal wheels

EVO bond for high speed & longer life. Nicolai’s high speed bond for higher feed rate, 3-4 times faster than standard metal wheels and generates lower decibels than other high speed tools.

Segmented type: the best solution for profile shaping. Fast and precise.
Continuous with slots: EDM machined water channels for coolant and waste removal.
Continuous: designed for a very smooth finish without water channels. Water holes for coolant delivery are directly on the diamond surface.
JoyLite™ JoyLite resin wheels have received worldwide recognition for creating the highest gloss possible. Rectified resin bond on rectified rubber body with aluminum center. Reinforced thickness for an extra long life.

Nicolai metal wheelssee our redressing service

Profiling wheels monument tooling

Ask us about the wheels most suitable for your applicationmonument wheels

Nicolai Tools – Engraving

Engraving Mills – see conic mills widia, conic mills PCD, engraving mills flat head..

engraving millsNicolai Tools – for Sculpture

Conic mills for sculpting granite in size varieties and kinds; segmented, continuous rim, and PCD.

Sculpture - Conic MillsFingerbits for Marble sculpting including replaceable tips

Fingerbits for marble sculpture

See more in Nicolai’s tools for workshop catalog

We offer Nicolai Cone adapters like the ones shown here: 1/2 Gas, flanged D50+6 M6/63, Wheel holder, ISO 50, HSK80 / Breton, and special cones:
On request we can customize to any kind of ISO40 and HSK cone for your machine with a custom fitting. Call Miles Supply.

Cone adapters from Nicolaichart for ISO50 Cones Nicolai

Nicolai Edge Polishing – edge working tools includes Pre-cutting wheel, conic frontal wheel, calibrating wheel, grooving wheel, diamond blade 45º and 90º.
Electroplated Wheels for Marble – from cutting to finishing grits D851-D46.

retruing service CNC toolsCall Miles Supply.
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