3M Filler

No. 2 Filler is designed for smooth and polished surfaces, and is more aggressive than No.3 Filler  |  AM000149 & AM000150

No. 3 Filler is designed for frosted or waxed surfaces  |  AM000151

When finer detail work is needed, we highly recommend using these coatings to help increase the holding power of the 3M stencil to stone monument surfaces throughout sandblasting operations.

3M consistently provides high performance and quality finished results. To learn more about our 3M filler options, 3M stencil and other 3M products, contact us at Miles Supply today.

Product Variations
AM000149No 2 Filler Gallon
AM000150No 2 Filler Quart
AM000151No 3 Filler Gallon