Alpha Air Polisher 658

Alpha AIR-658 is a high performance, pneumatic polishing tool designed for continuous production use. Central water feed provides the best finishes possible. Alpha ergonomically designed the AIR-658 as successor to the 558, with many new features. Fabricators love its compact design and low weight.

Very durable under some of most adverse conditions. Shop workers easily use this tool with little or no fatigue. With a speed of 2500 RPM and its convenient size, this tool is the ideal polishing tool for the professional shop worker. It is a user-friendly tool that is simple to operate. Alpha AIR-658 is a lightweight tool that accepts 3, 4 or 5-inch discs. It is a “plug and play” tool, which includes the side handle, a splashguard, pneumatic lubrication oil, and the hoses for air, water and exhaust along with the appropriate fittings. With sealed bearings to increase life and a rear exhaust system, Alpha AIR-658 is designed to last long.

Requirements for this tool are a cast iron 2 stage compressor, a large reservoir, 5 HP for each tool, and an automatic oiler. Air consumption is 16 CFM and required air pressure is 85-95 PSI. Weighs only 2.64 LBS.