Alpha AWS-125 Tile Saw

Alpha AWS-125 Tile SawAWS 125 Wet Stone Cutter for the stone, tile and glass industry. Provides perfect straight cuts. Powerful motor has the strength to power through tough materials, including porcelain and engineered stones. When used with the proper blade, this wet stone cutter is also equipped with a high-quality water-feed system that eliminates the harmful dust particles which are common in dry cutting applications.

Built-in GFCI. Includes a side handle for more stability and control and the ability to accept a curved cutting blade.

  •  11 amp motor/1200w
  •  the perfect stone cutter
  •  produces straight and try cuts
  •  the most powerful motor in its class
  •  high-quality water-feed system
  •  great for curve cursing blades
  •  fits 5″ straight and curved blades.