Cyberstone CR01 A Robot with 8 interpolated axes

Donatoni’s Cyberstone CR01 A Robot with 8 interpolated axes! See CR01 video!

Cyberstone CR01 can carry out complex large operations. The track motion manages multiple work stations; making the robot machine extremely flexible. It can be combined with the fixed aluminum platform or the new Multiplate Revolver platform.

Technical data:
– 6 interpolated axes + 2
– Maximum range of action: 3300 mm
– Working angle: + – 185°
– Positioning repeatability + – 0.08 mm

– Cyberstone Robot (6 interpolated axes)
– Track Motion system (7th axis interpolated)
– dimensions: 4350 x 2090 mm
– Interpolated rotating table (8 axis interpolated)
– dimensions: diameter 1200 x h 715 mm
– Tool storage 10 positions – ISO 50 – SmartPad

Cyberstone CR01 is the new generation robotized production system perfectly suited for complex small and large processing. A Robot with 8 interpolated axes and maximum range of action equal to 3300 mm

CYBERSTONE’s robotized production has 6/7/8 interpolated axes! Designed to be a highly flexible tool for the performance of elements and objects of any size and material with heights up to 3300 mm. It is particularly suitable for sculptures, rectilinear, concave, convex, arched, elliptic shapes, single or incremental pass and excavations of two-dimensional and three-dimensional section blocks; it is also suitable for the execution of oblique, circular, elliptical cuts, inclined up to a thickness of 260 mm. The rotating platform makes it possible to work the piece at 360° without moving or repositioning it for the working shots. Its mobile arm with 6 interpolated axes allows to perform 180° undercuts; the ISO 50 connection allows the use of diamond tools of different types, such as drills, grinding wheels, wheels for rebates, finger bits, shaping tips and cutting discs with diameter 650 or 850 mm.

This robot can do extremely precise finishing and can create sinks, tubs, tables, chairs, shower trays, vases, statues, columns and other general architectural elements. CYBERSTONE meets the most demanding requirements, maximizes productivity, and, thanks to the numerous accessories, can be set up as a working center for single pieces of any size or for mass production.