Donatoni ECHO 625 CNC – in 3 models

ECHO MOVE- model’s patented sucker system lifts and moves the cut workpieces. Reduces waste/increases productivity. Sucker system mounts directly on the bridge; prevents stress on the head.

ECHOBELT- model uses a ~11m long conveyor belt to move the slab during its various processing phases. See video.

Work cycle is as follows: • Slab is loaded using an automatic loading carriage with suckers. • When horizontal, photographs the slab for defects. Operator loads the cutting file, avoiding defects, making the best out of the slab. • Belt carries the slab to the machine’s work area; starts cutting. • At the same time the operator can load a new slab and also load a new cutting program. • After cutting, the machine automatically enables the belt, cut slab exits from the work area for the next slab to enter.
Reduces machine down times when compared with the traditional fixed table cutting system. Increases productivity. Can be equipped with a sucker system to move pieces of slab during cutting cycle; prevents cuts from intersecting and best exploits possibilities of the slab. Designed for businesses who need high outputs of interior & exterior covering panels, kitchen & bathroom tops, stair treads.

ECHOTWIN- The conveying belt function is performed by 2 motorized tables that enter and exit from the cutting area automatically.