Donatoni ECHO 625 CNC

Numerical control cutting center with 5 interpolated axes for cutting slabs of natural and artificial stone.
Machine with disk head swiveling from 0-370º and reclining from 0-90º. Movements may be interpolated with the other 3 machine axes (bridge, carriage, disk lift/lowering).
Can be equipped with a diamond-studded disk (min 400 to max 625 mm diameters). The “TOOLS” version (optional), can mount diamond-studded tools such as end mill, digging wheel, and horizontal disk.
Fixed no-rotation slab bench with rocking slab support table (optional) makes it easy to load the slab.

The perfect machine for producing all the stone products used in the building industry: Window and door surrounds, Interior and exterior coverings, Stairs, Flooring, Kitchen worktops, Bathroom tops, Tables, Shower trays (excavated with optional tools), Thin to very thick frames, Low reliefs.

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ECHO 625 CNC can also be supplied in the following versions:
ECHOMOVE: suction unit moves workpieces during the cutting phases
ECHOBELT: table and conveying belt moves slab loading to unloading
ECHOTWIN: 2 motorized tables enter/exit cutting area automatically