Donatoni KRONOS CNC Cutting Center with 5 Axes

5 interpolated axes with automatic tools change.

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Disk head swivels from 0-370º and reclines from 0-90º. May be interpolated with the other 3 machine axes (bridge, carriage, disk lift/lowering).

Electrospindle ISO40, KW13/rpm9000, can be equipped with a diamond-studded disk with 400 to 625mm diameters. Mounts diamond-studded tools: end mill, digging wheel, horizontal disk, profiled polishing and shaping wheels, diamond-studded bits for a variety of work processes.

Can be mounted on an enbloc or concrete wall.

Fixed/tilting table with aluminum top, removable table cover with slab support top in wood, vacuum pump and suckers to clamp the workpieces on the aluminum top and a 20 position tool magazine.

Perfect for:
. Cutting slabs
. Shaping and polishing perimeter zones with profiled grinding wheels
. Circular, oval, rectangular and square internal cuts with end mills
. Polished recesses, inclined surfaces using appropriate tools
. Drilling and excavating blocks with cup wheels or breaking wheels
. Low reliefs, engravings using appropriate tools