Donatoni’s Quadrix DV 1100

QUADRIX DV 1100 is a medium-sized numeric control cutting and shaping center with 5 interpolated axes having Z axis stroke 1000 mm, rotary head, prepared for single or incremental – pass cutting and shaping processes for marble, granite, stone and sintered materials. Ideal for shaping: oblique, circular, elliptical, inclined cuts, rectilinear, concave, convex, arched, elliptic shapes, excavations of two-dimensional and three-dimensional slabs.
The blade’s max diameter of 1100mm allows cuts up to 410mm thickness.

QUADRIX DV-1100 not only can produce large dimensions but also performs extremely precise finishing. Highly productive X and Y axes sliding system is on linear guides lubricated in oil baths. Brushless motors are coupled to high precision gearboxes. Electro-spindles controlled by inverter. Can be fitted with ISO 50 type connection diamond tools, such as end mill, milling wheel and a horizontal blade.

The QUADRIX DV1100 works for those who want a powerful and flexible machine; either as a simple cutting machine or as a full CNC work center. Optional tool holder, automatic tool change and lathe makes shower trays, sinks, window frames, frames, columns, claddings and building products.