Donatoni ZENIT CNC Polisher

ZENIT Single Head CNC Polishing/Brushing machine with Automatic Head Changer!

See video.

The Donatoni Zenit polisher is:

– Designed for polishing, brushing and calibrating can work with any natural stone product and man-made materials.
– Utilizes Donatoni’s polishing and brushing software; the latest of an ever increasing list of impressive equipment from Donatoni.
– Available with a mono-block frame with a tilting table or can be installed on concrete walls with a standard or tilting table.
– Produces superb polished finishes on granite, marble and engineered stone. Utilizing a 15 KW (20HP) electro-spindle produces from 0 to 6000 rpm controlled by an inverter.
– Has a Z stroke of 14.5” allows for material thickness up to 11.4”.
– Tool rack will accommodate up to eight tools.

The ZENIT Working Speeds:
X-Axis 0 – 35 M/min
Y-Axis 0 – 25 M/min

Maximum Working Distance:
X (Carriage) Stroke 3600mm / 141.7”
Y (Bridge) Stroke 2150mm / 84.6”