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SpeedHook® is a revolutionary system designed to make precision cuts in concrete with a minimum of physical effort. Your diamond chains will last up to twice as long.

Mount the lightweight track to wall or floor, then hook and rotate. The series of hooks maintain the chain saw position and improves overall stability. SpeedHook carries the weight of the saw, even through re-bar.

• Extremely inexpensive (compared to wall saws)
• Simple and Easy to Use
• Accurate, Straight Cuts in Deep Walls
• Lightweight 18 lbs (8 kg)
• Adjustable Two Anchor Mounting
• Convertible Left or Right Side Use
• Expandable 42″ (105 cm) & 21″ (53 cm) Sections
• Effortless Vertical and Horizontal Sawing
• Stable Cutting increases Diamond Chain Life
• Laser Cut, Heat Treated, Plated Construction