Intermac Master 33-43 Work Center

The Master series work centers for processing stone offer highly advanced technical solutions. The extreme configurability of these machines make them ideal for the most diverse work environments granting reliability and maximum response to production requirements with a reduced investment that can be quickly returned. The attention Intermac always pays to customer’s requirements worldwide has created some revolutionary innovations. One of these innovations is the machine control based on a commercial Windows 7 in order to grant ample connection and a much easier use for the operator and the enclose tooling station to preserve the status of the ISO cones and the tooling themselves.
A new generation of electro-spindles with a liquid cooling closed circuit and control system.

Profiling, carving, tapering, kitchen tops, inlaying, milling, drilling, writing, grinding, aging, recess drain, water slots polishing, block side polishing. saw disc cutting, side carving, 3D modeling.

Master 33 – 43 and 33 Plus – 43 Plus can be equipped with an automatic laser presetter to measure and check the geometrical parameters of the tools in order to constantly grant the correct dimension of finished product.

14 position rotating tool change on which is possible to manually and safely load the tools even when the machine is working. Also an optional second tool magazine.

Many options available.