Intermac Master 850-1200

Master 850 and Master 1200 are the new Intermac work centers for the machining of stone blocks. Expanding beyond stone slabs toward higher thicknesses which require reliable and high-quality work tools. Master 850-1200 answers this need with a sturdy hi-tech 5 axes head that can execute from the most complex machining (fountains, monuments, bathtubs, handrails and column capitals) to kitchen tops. Optional lathe widens the range of possible machining up to include columns and statues with a high degree of complexity.

Solid software easily guides the machine operator with the most complex shapes.

• Basic Programming (geometry, milling, drilling, cutting)

• Parametric programming (tying objects together through formulas and conditions)

• Programming of 3D models (Engraving, carvings, curved surfaces, 5-axis interpolation)

• Imports from other software