Mangia Macchia Absorbing Paste Stain Remover

Absorbing paste “Mangia Macchia” is used for cleaning particularly strong spots like oil, grease, coffee, ketchup, etc.

Stubborn dirt and stains are easily removed with “the stain eating machine” specially formulated pre-mixed poultice for stain removal on your stone countertop.

Mangia macchia meaning “spot eater” is a paste product especially formulated to eliminate spots on natural stones as marble, granite, calcareous stone, slate, terrazzo, terracotta and ceramics. Even safe on polished marble. It cleans the most common stains (oil, grease, food, coffee, wine, dirt, etc.) as well as very resistant stains that are deeply absorbed into the stone.

New 250ml container. AG0001 (temporarily out of stock until January 2019)