Nicolai Wheels

Nicolai Metal Wheels and more… Call us for what you need.

EVO bond for high speed & longer life. Nicolai’s high speed bond for higher feed rate, 3-4 times faster than standard metal wheels and generates lower decibels than other high speed tools.

Segmented type: the best solution for profile shaping. Fast and precise.
Continuous with slots: EDM machined water channels for coolant and waste removal.
Continuous: designed for a very smooth finish without water channels. Water holes for coolant delivery are directly on the diamond surface.
JoyLite™ JoyLite resin wheels have received worldwide recognition for creating the highest gloss possible. Rectified resin bond on rectified rubber body with aluminum center. Reinforced thickness for an extra long life.

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Nicolai Edge Polishing – edge working tools includes Pre-cutting wheel, conic frontal wheel, calibrating wheel, grooving wheel, diamond blade 45º and 90º.
Electroplated Wheels for Marble – from cutting to finishing grits D851-D46.