Petrus 801 Waist Pant

Grundens Weathergear of Sweden
Fabric: A knitted polyester base material (2.6 oz. per yard), laminated to a PVC polyurethane layer (2.4 oz. per yard), for a total weight of 5 oz. per yard. The strength to weight ratio of this fabric is remarkable–an entire set (jacket and bibs or pants) weighs just 2 pounds. Surprisingly tough, this fabric is suitable for many activities. Another attribute of this material is that it is quiet, an important consideration for hunters.

Applications: All Commercial Fishing, Building and Road Construction, Timber Harvest, Agriculture, Mining, Shipyards, Forestry, Utilities, Hunting, Food Processing, General Boating.

Features: The Petrus pants feature a trimmer cut and fit. Full-cut legs for easy on and off over boots, elastic waist, and drawcord.

Sizes: XS S M L XL 2X 3X