Radial Arm Polishing Machine

Miles Supply offers this radial arm machine; floor mounted, for slab polishing.
This unit is great for Polishing, Honing, Texturing (with Lupato). It can also use Miles Supply’s PadHead™ as well as other polishing & grinding plates, bricks, brushes.

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  • Slab up to 12´ x 7´ (up to 12˝ thick)
    Working Diameter : 125x200x300mm
    Motor : 5.0hp -3phase
    Speed : 400 rpm, Weight : 1000kg
    Radial / Slab Polisher

The machine is mounted on massive anti-friction bearings allowing free and easy movement of all the members. Can turn a full circle. Multiple slabs can be placed on the machine platform thereby increasing productivity by cutting down loading/unloading time as well as reducing the changes of grinding segments. Heavy Duty Versatile Operation (Slab Size 12’x7′)

For all kinds of stones and sizes. Heavy and rigid structure suitable for pneumatic pressure. Motorized raise lower enables operator to maintain handle at optimum height reducing fatigue. For small tiles pneumatic cylinder reduces labor and time by lifting polishing head from one tile and placing it on the next tile.
Maximum 12˝ thick slab can be polished. Height adjustment is motorized.
Main Motor: 5hp, Raise-lower motor: 0.5 hp, Frankurt Head 3-Segment for Marble