Multi-Pro-Edge 48 by Yonani

Yonani Multi-Pro-Edge 48 – Up to 16 blades!
Ledge/stack stones, ashlar, pavers, tiles, baseboards, cobblestones
Optional 32″ blades with 215hp motor.
Multi-Pro-Edge 48 Technical Specifications
Arbor driven motor           100hp
Power                                  135amps, 3 phase, 480V
Arbor diameter                  3.94″
Blade diameter                  20″ – 24″
Max cutting depth             8″
Variable conveyor speed   0-7’/min
Blades per spindle            16
Standard* spindle RPM     800
Machine body                    galvanized
Blade cover                        stainless steel
Water consumption           3 gallon/min per blade
Total weight approx          11,000lbs
*Customizable upon request