Aardwolf Lifting Equipment

AARDWOLF offers a range of slab lifters, vacuum lifters, and trolleys. Ask Miles Supply to help you determine the optimal lifter to suit your needs.
Specific Aardwolf Equipment to view here: Monument Clamp GPM1000 and 1500 Automatic | Scissor Lifter 300 | Horizontal Clamp | The Handy Vacuum Lifter | Vacuum Block Lifter | Aardwolf Slab Lifter 50 | Portable Gantry Crane 
See Aardwolf videos:
Handy Vacuum Lifter | Scissor Lifters | Slab Lifters | Monument Clamp Lifter GPM1000 & GPM1500 | Block Lifter – horizontal | Portable Gantry Crane