SandHandler Automatic Sandblast & Recovery System

See SandHandler Info Page Fully Automatic Sandblast & Abrasive Recovery System by Miles Supply SandHandler Blogs (SandHandler installation post)

Miles Supply exclusively sells the industry’s only all-in-one complete sandblasting and abrasive recovery system, featuring advanced servo motor engineering for precise stone engraving.

  • -Simple computerized or manual operation capabilities
  • -Frosts panels to perfection
  • -Abrasive is screened and collected for reuse providing no down time or shoveling sand
  • -No shutdown time for unplugging clogged nozzles
  • -Precise control of the blast nozzle for a faster, more uniform cut
  • -Double walled steel construction frame combined with rubber lined interior walls creating a completely sealed environment
  • -Provides a cleaner, quieter work environment to help protect employees health
  • -Excellent visibility and brilliant illumination of the blasting area
  • -Sandblast booth and sand recovery system are totally self-contained and movable to your location
  • Savings in labor, sandblast materials, and overall cost of operation!

Also see our SandHandler Front-End curtain.

Tell us what custom size you need or:
SAND HANDLER MC400   15 X 8h X 6′
EA0046 SAND HANDLER MC350   12 X 8h X 6′
EA1098 SANDHANDLER  MC325   10 X 8h X 6′
EA0086 SAND HANDLER MC300     9 X 8h X 6′

Product Variations
EA0022MC400 15'
EA0046MC350 12'
EA1098MC325 10' 
EA0086MC300 9'