Meet the Staff

Team Miles Supply
Miles Supply Team
Polishing Expert

Wayne has been with Miles Supply for over 30 years. He is one of our polishing experts and the PadHead™ polishing & grinding head is his first patent. He's been refining, adapting, and customizing the head according to customers' needs. He knows everything there is to know about polishing - give him a call to stump him! He's a Fish Magnet, or rather, that's his boat's name. A man of many talents; his guitar is the audio in some of the PadHead™ videos. Meet Wayne.


Tom has been doing 'everything' at our location in MN! He has been with us for over 13 years! Customers have told us that the other companies who sell merchandise don't get to know them like Tom does. He prides himself on going the extra mile; sometimes literally! We're sure you'll enjoy getting to know him, too. See fun puzzle question about MN staff

Safety Guru

Monty is our Safety Guru. In addition to sales, he performs onsite chain inspections, First Aid Cabinet Management, Mask Fit-Testing service and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory Service). This means he manages and re-stocks your predetermined inventory. He's the guy to call for PPE (personal protective equipment) or as we call it, safety equipment. We got him inspecting chains on this video. Monty at a VMHA show.

Diamond Blade Specialist

Jamie is one of our Diamond guys in the Barre location. We tip blades in Barre, Elberton, Montrose, Rockville, and Terrell or can come to customers' locations to service the blade. Here he is tipping a blade with his buddy Dave - see video. He makes safety glasses look cool!


He Delivers! Kevin is seldom without a smile and is quick to lend a helping hand or a muscle or two. People appreciate his help and accommodation in rectifying any ordering slip-ups. Good qualities to have in a warehouse/delivery guy at Miles Supply. He serves our customers in the Barre location. His other shirt is a cape!

Machine Sales Rep

Eric, Machine Sales, trained in Italy with Pellegrini and is knowledgeable on all our equipment and machinery. He recorded some of the work that goes into our Shows; see booth set-up. Here he is testing a vacuum lifter; see video. He wins the award for neatest office. Meet Eric.

Sandblasting Expert

Ronnie was born on the 4th of July and he restores antique cars - you can ask him about it. But most of all you can ask him about SandBlasting, his expertise. As our Sandblast Pro (and dust collection/curtains) he's been at Shows and has done installations "everywhere". Have you met him? Miles Supply has been happy to have him since '98. He's all thumbs up about the SandHandler! Here's a throw back pic of Ronnie.

Sandblast Expert

Did you know Miles Supply's JP is literally "our JP"? Long ago, Miles Supply named Jeffry this when there was another Jeff working here (we now have another Geoff in TX but he is not part of this story!) JP is Barre's sandblast expert. Another little known observation is his tendency for wearing pens...! See Geoff & Jeff at a show. JP after SandHandler install. And of course Young JP at a show. One more throw back pic. Meet JP.

Miles Supply Team Member

There's just nothing more to say about humble Hank, except our new building in Terrell TX is now open for business! Terrell is just east of Dallas. He works in the 2-man shop with Geoff. See Facebook post.

Miles Supply Employee

Alex is an all around nice guy and always helpful. We're happy to have him in the shipping department in Barre. Thanks for keeping him busy and buying from Miles Supply! Meet Alex.

Miles Supply VT Employee

Evan is a Jack-of-all-Trades in the Barre location. You have probably talked to him over the phone. He, along with JP, have also been to many SandBlast shows. You would also likely see him first while visiting our Barre showroom. He's a very helpful guy! Throw back picture.

Meet the Staff

Jim Heath is general manager of all things Diamond. Over 28 years with Miles Supply! His brother Dave and father Burt who tip blades, complete this family Diamond Team. Of course Jamie is part of the Barre Diamond team, too. Burt stands behind our blades. See Facebook post on these young ones! and Young David again.

Miles Supply PA Employee

Reggie posts great pictures on his Facebook page... Last year, we enjoyed seeing his trip with his family out West (a photo was featured in our 2018 calendar for March). We always know when he starts boiling sap!

Miles Supply Employee

Meet Jo Ann. She has worked for many years in our Barre office. Among many duties, she processes credit applications and the mail.

Miles Supply CSR

Meet Beth. You have probably talked with Beth on the phone. In addition to answering the phone, and many office duties, she processes orders in our Barre location and website. If there's a problem with your credit card, you've heard her helpful voice ready to fix the issue.

Miles Supply GA Boss

Mark manages our Georgia location and is one of the owners of Miles Supply, Inc. See Facebook post. More of Mark giving out checks and a #TBT Throw back pic.

Miles Supply HR

Sonya wears many hats, one of which is HR. She is one of the owners of Miles Supply, Inc. Daughter of Charlie & Doris. See Facebook post on Golf outing and see Facebook post on Give Back program. Meet Sonya.

Miles Supply President

Adam is President and one of the owners of Miles Supply, Inc. son of Charlie & Doris Martin. He works in our Vermont location. Can you name our 7 staff in this picture? Another Show And a #TBT Throw back pic. Meet Adam.

Miles Supply Employee

Brian is our helpful and accommodating Machine Equipment Technician. He doesn't always smell of solder. See Facebook post and see an install post, he took the pictures in this post.

Miles Supply Employee
Miles Supply TX Employee
Miles Supply Team