Pellegrini DF-2000 Jolly Install and First Cut!

Go to BLOG home pageBrand new Pellegrini DF-2000 Jolly – Single wire saw with 2D profiling capabilities installed at Charles Precourt & Sons in Sudbury, Mass!!

Pellegrini DF-2000

First cut:

Pellegrini DF-2000

DF2000 has two main large diameter flywheels (250 or 200 cm as to the maximum cutting height needed) to maximize the cutting speed and the life of the diamond wire. Single wire saw for dressing blocks and cutting slabs; fitted with a fully electronic control and tensioning system and with a PLC for automatic slabbing.
JOLLY version is fitted with a 2-axis CNC system that enables cutting of two-dimension profiles as well as slabbing.

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