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MEC Open House – June 5

Staff from MEC stone splitters are coming from Italy to train our staff and to meet you. Come visit Miles Supply in Elberton GA on Wednesday, June 5th from 9-3. Open House to learn more about MEC Splitters: • meet MEC & Miles Supply Staff • see Equipment onsite • ask your technical questions 1599… Read more »

MEC Stone Splitters

Split stones with MEC’s customizable machines Miles Supply is pleased to partner with MEC machines to offer these splitters in North America. Natural stone splitting is a production. Whether it’s to dividing large blocks or producing strips for cladding or veneer, MEC machinery specializes in splitting all types of stone efficiently. See Videos. Every stone… Read more »

Diamonds Staying in the Rough

Diamonds staying in the Rough – Industrial diamonds used in the Stone Industry -adapted from Cutting Edge article Because of granite’s high hardness rating, a harder material is required to efficiently cut it. Such as a diamond (or SiC which is hard but not as hard as diamond). Advancements in the use of industrial diamonds… Read more »