MEC Stone Splitters

Splitters: Miles Supply now offers MEC splitting machines

Split stones with MEC’s customizable machines

Miles Supply is pleased to partner with MEC machines to offer these splitters in North America. Natural stone splitting is a production. Whether it’s to dividing large blocks or producing strips for cladding or veneer, MEC machinery specializes in splitting all types of stone efficiently. See Videos.

Every stone & every process has a MEC machine! Get a Quote or Give us a call.

Correspond the type of finished product to a MEC splitting machine: some machines can be customized to adapt to your needs. These links will take you to MEC’s website according to machine.

• The MEC machine specialized in horizontal splitting is the Half, particularly suited for veined stones, allowing to operate the split following the direction of the vein. The Half is equipped with two automatic blades, and depending on the model, it’s ideal for splitting long blocks, such as billets and strips, or shorter blocks. Two different pieces result – one with a split, rough face, perfect for cladding, and one with a sawn face, to be used on the laying side.

KUBO is a series of automatic machines to produce cobbles, strips, and veneers starting from strips and long-slice materials.

• The machines in the series TRITTICO are designed for splitting large-sized materials, even of irregular shape, and allow the operator to work without fatigue: different processes are possible on the same stone and blocks can be rotated 360°. Trittico machines can serve as the primary unit of a splitting line or as a stand-alone machine.

• The machines in the C series, characterized by a goose-neck frame, allow handling and repeated processing of a stone to create cubes, pebbles, stone borders, and other products. The rise time of the blade is adjustable, reducing downtime. Produce cubes, edging, curbs, thick-slab, and wall stones / veneer / facades. **To request a quote for C-frame splitter.

• What about wide but short blocks? The TESMO series machines are designed specifically for splitting wider width stone. Good for monuments. Hydraulic adjustment systems reduce waste and produces excellent splitting. **Request a quote for Tesmo wide width H-frame splitter (good for monument slabs).

• The series PXA is characterized by H-frame machines, used in automatic systems: width up to 3 meters for splitting palisades, even on granite, or if used several times it can make curbs and cubes.

• Machines of the P4 series, also of the H-frame type, are equipped with 4 blades for making regular profiles and reducing thicknesses on all stones; particularly on travertine, sandstone, or layered stones.

• Finally, we conclude this overview of MEC machines with the PX series: these manual machines are extremely versatile, in fact, they allow you to split any type of stone. They can be used both as a first step to feed subsequent splitting lines or as a stand-alone production system.

In this brief overview of MEC stone-splitting machines, you can see their characteristics and uses: whether splitting, cutting, or crushing – they are extremely versatile. Each unit can be calibrated, combined, integrated, and expanded with other units to customize to your applications resulting in complete lines or work flow of any size and production.

MEC pitching machine causes this stone effect

Pitching gives a rustic look to stone. Some pitching machines produce a domed look or rounded effect on the edges of a split block, others make thin veneer products and wall claddings with one face split side in view. Give Miles Supply your specs to determine what’s right for you. See MEC Pitching machines.


Cutting Options
Cutting Machines for thin veneer and for any type of irregularly shaped stone and for concrete. Diamond blade Cutters are named “FAST” – designed for a finished, clean cut for any type of irregularly shaped stone. ** See video and Request a quote.

Miles Supply is pleased to offer MEC splitting equipment to North America!

splitter from MEC machines sold by Miles Supply

Opening image is C-frame series and bottom image is from Trittico series.

Produces Stone veneers, strips, binders, sills, stone coverings, wall stones. Flooring, cladding or thin veneer, cobblestone and cubes. Concrete forms, river stones or pebbles, river containment banks.
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