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Maple sugaring: Buckets or Tubing?

Buckets or Tubing? You have a small quantity of taps and you wonder if you should use buckets or a gravity system with 3/16” tubing? Here are a few things to consider when making your decision. If you are leaning towards buckets, keep in mind the days when you will be by yourself to collect… Read more »

What’s the best SPOUT for you?

excerpted from page 5 of 2023 CDL Catalog -By Christian Gosselin, Product Manager – Forest Division click for maple sugaring supplies catalog CHOOSING THE BEST SPOUT FOR YOU Have you ever found yourself in one of our CDL stores, standing in front of the spout display wondering which model you should choose for your maple… Read more »

Tips from CDL – tubing your sugarbush

Tips from CDL – a healthy tubing system for your sugarbush. Miles Supply is CDL Barre, a CDL store. excerpted from a previous CDL catalog  – see more on CDL site | see page with more tips and this year’s catalog Which 5/16” tubing to choose? The first thing to consider is the stiffness of… Read more »

Maple Hydrometer Chart & Tips

Maple Hydrometer Chart and tips. Visit Miles Supply/CDL Barre, at 143 Boynton Street in Barre, near Spaulding High School 802.476.3963. How to Use a Maple Syrup Hydrometer For home use, the sugar content of your maple syrup isn’t much of a concern if it tastes good and you refrigerate and consume it before it molds,… Read more »

Maple Production Supplies in Barre location

Serving Sugar Makers in Washington and Orange counties with CDL maple sugaring products at Miles Supply in Barre, VT Open weekdays from 6:30–4:30 | Saturday mornings **Our last Saturday for 2024 sugaring season is April 6.** 8–noon  ***OPEN HOUSE MAY 3, 2024*** Here is the 2024-CDL maple sugaring catalog for maple sugaring supplies & equipment. Miles… Read more »

CDL 2021 Catalog – Maple Sugaring Supplies

All catalog updates for year 2024 and beyond will be posted here (click) Here is the CDL catalog for maple sugaring equipment. Miles Supply is a CDL supplier for Central Vermont, call 802-476-3963. We stock a lot of what you need – and can order supplies and equipment for you in this catalog. Much of… Read more »

Efficiency Vermont – Qualify for Rebates

Whether purchasing new or upgrading existing equipment, it is important to understand the efficiency gains and power savings you’ll receive. Programs such as Efficiency Vermont are great resources to become familiar with. Not only can they teach you about how to make your system as efficient as possible but can determine if your equipment purchase… Read more »

CDL Sale! Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry SALE! from April 20–24 Our CDL Sale applies to products in Barre store ONLY. Discounts on selected items from 10–25% but PLEASE call ahead 802-476-3963 because we have a small crew to serve you via curbside pickup! CASH & CARRY EFFECTIVE FROM APRIL 20TH TO APRIL 24TH 2020