CDL 2021 Catalog – Maple Sugaring Supplies

All catalog updates for year 2024 and beyond will be posted here (click)

Here is the CDL catalog for maple sugaring equipment. Miles Supply is a CDL supplier for Central Vermont, call 802-476-3963. We stock a lot of what you need – and can order supplies and equipment for you in this catalog. Much of our staff are sugarers too, along with expertise from CDL.

Click for 2021 CDL catalog for maple sugaring equipment  *note that prices are subject to change; listed only as of publishing date 
Although we stock popular items, we don’t have everything in this catalog. You may want to call 802-476-3963 to make sure we have what you need, of course we’ll be happy to order it for you  and to have it ready for you to pick up!



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2021 maple sugaring - see helpful videos!(continuing video from above: maple candy | maple cream)