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Spring 2022 Email

Spring 2022 – announcing Hartco Stencil in stock! Click on each product to see info then click on Request for a quote Click for RFQ | Click for Stencil Chart Setting Compound | Setting Cushions | AbrasivesCLEANERS! Customers are checking out the new Miles Supply cleaners and comparing with the other guys’…. Ours works & cost less!Cemetery… Read more »

Hartco Stencil info & updates

Introducing new Hartco Stencil for the monument industry! We are pleased to offer this option to alleviate supply chain issues! Miles Supply has tested and will continue to test this new stencil series, Call us or stay tuned here for updates. Click for Hartco RFQ. This is from a facebook post: Benton Bolt: “I work… Read more »

New Stencil Customer Request Form

Due to supply chain issues, we are serving Anchor stencil to our existing stencil customers first. (If you are an existing stencil customer, continue working with your Sales guy or RFQ (Anchor).) Note: we now have Hartco stencil in stock (and everyone can order it!) Call us for more information – click for Hartco RFQ… Read more »

3M Stencil announcement

Below is the 3M announcement, as most of you know by now. As we continue to navigate through supply chain issues and production schedules, we are doing our best to take care of our stencil customers. Most orders we send will be partials – we know you need to get by – so, presently, we… Read more »

Anchor Sandblast Stencil info

Anchor Sandblast Stencil products from IPG® provide superior blast resistance, precise and intricate design capabilities, clean transfers, smooth and accurate tracking.  Request a Quote here. Due to supply chain issues, we are temporarily limiting stencil to our existing customers. Style 111 – For hand cutting. Hand-cut, high quality, durable stencil coated with an advanced medium tack,… Read more »

3M Sandblast Stencil Info

3M NO LONGER manufactures stencil rubber for stone. However we’re temporarily keeping this page as a reference for you to determine the specs that you were used to if you were a 3M stencil user. This chart may be helpful for choosing another stencil, we will keep you updated. 3M Brand Double Liner Stencil 3M’s… Read more »