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Anchor Sandblast Stencil info

Anchor Sandblast Stencil products from IPG® provide superior blast resistance, precise and intricate design capabilities, clean transfers, smooth and accurate tracking. See Anchor Sandblast Stencil flyer (they have not updated this) | Request a Quote here. Due to supply chain issues, we are temporarily limiting stencil to our existing customers. Style 111 – For hand cutting…. Read more »

3M Sandblast Stencil Info

3M Sandblast Stencil for consistent, professional results. View 3M Stencil Flyer | Get Quote 3M Brand Double Liner Stencil 3M’s double liner stencil products for optimum support for the center of letters, numbers and designs patterns. The double liner features a bright yellow, translucent polyester inner liner that enhances the visibility of cut designs during… Read more »