SandHandler Sandblast & Recovery System

Miles Supply exclusively sells the industry’s only complete sandblasting and abrasive recovery system all-in-one, featuring advanced servo motor engineering for precise stone engraving. 9′, 10′, 12′ and 15′ standard modelsSee Video. SandHandler Front-End CURTAIN  also available.) click for the Request for Quote button

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SandHandler— Fully Automatic Sandblast & Recovery System
— No Pits Needed
— No Shoveling
— Easy to Use
— Easy to Install

  • Simple computerized automatic operation with manual operation capabilities at the touch of a switch
  • Frosts panels to perfection
  • Abrasive screened and automatically collected for reuse, with no downtime or shoveling of sand
  • Completely eliminates clogged nozzles, with no shutdown time for unplugging nozzles
  • Precise control of blast nozzle for a faster more uniform cut, every time
  • Double-walled steel construction frame on tubular steel frame, rubber-lined interior walls for a totally enclosed and sealed environment
  • Eliminates abrasive losses, dust outside blast booth, and moisture from abrasive
  • Provides a cleaner, quieter work area to protect employee’s health
  • Excellent visibility from the 12 square foot viewing window along with brilliant illumination of the blasting area
  • Complete sandblast booth and sand recovery system totally self-contained and transportable to your location
  • Possibly most important of all, savings of money in labor costs, sandblast materials costs, and overall cost of operation to quickly pay for itself

Call us! These are the standard sizes available:

   9′ Blast Room
5′ horizontal travel
48″ vertical travel*
9′ x 6′ x 8h’
   10′ Blast Room
6′ horizontal travel
48″ vertical travel*
10′ x 6′ x 8h’
   12′ Blast Room
8′ horizontal travel
48″ vertical travel*
12′ x 6′ x 8h’
   15′ Blast Room
11′ horizontal travel
48″ vertical travel*
15′ x 6′ x 8h’

*also customize your vertical travel up to 60″

SandHandler FAQs

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions you may have:

  1. SandHandler sandblast booth is computer controlled by very simple touch-screen set-up and operation.
  2. Can have up to 8 patterns programmed. Multiple stones at once or a few patterns on a big stone.
  3. The SandHandler blast room is powered by servo motors controlled by electronics.
  4. The sand is screened and flows through the underside piping mechanism without use of compressed air, thus there are no moving parts involved in the abrasive recovery system.
  5. SandHandler blast head can turn on the rubber or stencil without burning.
  6. The computer is programmed in the control panel to shut down the system when the next count is not received in one-half second, which prevents the blast nozzle from stopping on the stone.
  7. The sandblasting room comes equipped with pass-through doors on each end, to allow easy in and out of the stone on a conveyor system.
  8. SandHandler sandblast room features joystick manual controls. This allows the operator to maneuver the machine manually while standing directly in front of the viewing window.

Please see our SandHandler Information Sheet Handout for further specifications on the:
Sandblasting Room/Booth
Abrasive Recovery System
Computerized Nozzle Carriage System