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The Efficient SandHandler makes customers happy

Posted: July 28, 2020 Filed under: Product Info SandHandler sandblasting

The Efficient SandHandler, the fully automatic sandblasting & recovery system, increases production and is quicker than the competition. Did you know about its efficiency? • Abrasive stays ... Read More

PadHead™ does more!

Posted: July 16, 2020 Filed under: Product Info PadHead™ polishing & grinding head

PadHead™ does more! The PadHead™, Miles Supply's patented polishing & grinding head, does more than just one finish. It works on more than one type of machine, and works beautifully on many ma... Read More

Boart & Wire Diamond Wire - Speed Chart

Posted: July 6, 2020 Filed under: Product Info Tips

See Diamond Wire Speed Chart pdf Use as a reference and adapt for your machine and needs. Boart & Wire is know for consistent excellence in manufacturing diamond wire. For cutting blocks... Read More

Abrasives page in our Catalog

Posted: June 16, 2020 Filed under: Blog sandblasting

We updated the Abrasives page on our Sandblast Catalog. Click once, then click again on product. see also whole interactive Sandblast Catalog... | see Abrasives webpage... Read More

Industrial Supplies example: ladder system

Posted: June 4, 2020 Filed under: Industrial

Before and After picture of Vanguard Ladder System with fall protection and rooftop safety rails. Our customer, Laramie Water Resources remarked: "My customer needed a safe way to inspect the top o... Read More

Water Treatment example F&B

Posted: June 1, 2020 Filed under: Product Info Blog

Water Treatment example: Fraccaroli & Balzan - a customer set up for the Stone Industry Waste Water Filtration Plants for the Stone Industry 1. Waste water collection tank & pumps 2. Au... Read More

Insect Repellent Spray

Posted: May 11, 2020 Filed under: Industrial

click for Flyer Insect Repellent IR3535® R&R Spray Insect Repellent that’s safe for skin & even fire retardant fabrics • odorless • non-tacky • non-flammable • 8+ hour protecti... Read More

SandHandler Article in Graniteer

Posted: May 11, 2020 Filed under: SandHandler sandblasting

SandHandler article in Graniteer excerpted from page 8 of Graniteer Magazine: Childs & Childs Granite Company needed an updated sandblast system so ... Read More

Nicolai Tools - offered by Miles Supply

Posted: April 21, 2020 Filed under: Product Info

Nicolai Tools – Check out some examples of tooling we offer from Nicolai and info. View a catalog Chart for stone types to fingerbit types Z4, Z6, Z5, XXX, and more Soft GR Soft Granite, Mid GR,... Read More

CDL Sale! Cash & Carry

Posted: April 16, 2020 Filed under: News & Events

Cash & Carry SALE! from April 20–24 Our CDL Sale applies to products in Barre store ONLY. Discounts on selected items from 10–25% but PLEASE call ahead 802-476-3963 because we have a sma... Read More