Water Filtration System install

Completely automated Water Filtration System with up to 98% recovery water recycling…

A New Waste Water Treatment and Slurry Dewatering Plant for a GRANITE processing line. 💧 ♻ Fraccaroli & Balzan’s decades of expertise, and meticulously designed and fabricated advanced water treatment and sludge dewatering facility. A pinnacle in the field of wastewater treatment, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

Waste Water Plant main Features:
💧 Capacity 1.200 l/min
💧 Vertical clarifier
💧 Filterpress Mod. Atlantis FB 630-8 plates
💧 Automatic Flocculant Station
💧 Clean Water Pump
💧 Clean Water Storage Tank FB 26
💧 PLC Siemens S7
A completely automated facility that achieves up to 98% water recovery and sludge dewatering rates of up to 85%. Treating the slurry results in reduced volume for handling, leading to lower disposal costs.

Our customer here has a granite processing line but this water filtration system is good for concrete, too – ask Miles Supply.