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Water Filtration System install

Completely automated Water Filtration System with up to 98% recovery water recycling… A New Waste Water Treatment and Slurry Dewatering Plant for a GRANITE processing line. 💧 ♻ Fraccaroli & Balzan’s decades of expertise, and meticulously designed and fabricated advanced water treatment and sludge dewatering facility. A pinnacle in the field of wastewater treatment, showcasing… Read more »

Fraccaroli & Balzan waste water plants for tunneling

Fraccaroli & Balzan for the tunneling sector: Waste Water Treatment and Slurry Dewatering Plants – Filterpresses for TUNNELING SECTOR. MOBILE PLANT This plant treats wastewater coming from the excavation of tunnels built with the TBM machine. PLANT IN NORWAY Benefits -Modular design, individually expendable -Flexible flow rate for all sizes of water circuits -Several options… Read more »

Water Treatment example F&B

Water Treatment example: Fraccaroli & Balzan – a customer set up for the Stone Industry Waste Water Filtration Plants for the Stone Industry 1. Waste water collection tank & pumps 2. Automatic Flocculant Station 3. Vertical Clarifier Silo 4. Automatic Mud Discharge Valve 5. Tank for slurry homogenizing 6. Centrifugal pump for feeding Filterpress 7…. Read more »

More Water Recycling Plant information

Water Recycling & Treatment plant information from Fraccaroli & Balzan The Advantages of a Water Treatment Plant THE OLD SYSTEM: SLUDGE PITS X difficult access for removing the slurry; X huge area required for storing all the slurry; X in the first layer the mud seems dry but under it the slurry is still liquid; X a lot… Read more »