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Technical Assistance Charts:
Line Up Formulas-Gloex

Abressa Line Up Chart for Edges
Align Single Wire Flywheel Instructions Pellegrini
Diamond Blade Size-Speed Chart
Flywheel Alignment

PadHead Maintenance
CNC PadHead down-pressures | PadHead™ C-Operations SetUp

Air Requirement Reference Chart
How to use the Air Chart
Stencil-Reference Chart (use only to compare to former 3M)
Lithichrome Color Chart | (Lithichrome Part #s) | (Lithichrome- How to apply it)

Credit Application Form:
(do NOT email this to us, it is not secure; you may FAX or mail)
Credit Application for Miles Supply

Product Information:
Anchor Sandblast Stencil info

ICS Total Slurry Solutions-Data Sheet

Lithichrome- How to apply it
Marco Blast Metering Valve Parts
Marco 35 Blaster Parts

Precautions for Miles Supply Cleaners

Fraccaroli & Balzan Water Treatment Plants & Parts
Lupato Finishes Catalog  |  Lupato info

PadHead PatchKit
all models PadHead-All Kinds Flyer
PadHead flyer CNC and Model II

Pellegrini General Catalog_2022
Pellegrini Diamantfil DF1200SHV
Pellegrini Processing Catalog
Pellegrini Profiling Catalog
Pellegrini La Rossa
Pellegrini Robotwire EVO-Flyer
PELLEGRINI_Cranes | Pellegrini_Diamantfil_Jolly_2023PELLEGRINI_Quarry Drilling | PELLEGRINI_Polywire | Pellegrini_Polywire_5_S_2023 | PELLEGRINI_Quarry Diamond Wiresaw | PELLEGRINI_Robot Wire | PELLEGRINI_Rough Surfacing | PELLEGRINI_Brushing Antiquing | Pellegrini_construction_Concrete | Pellegrini_magicwire_16_2022

SandHandler page
SandHandler Information Sheet

Abra Iride: Abra Iride Quasar | Abra Iride Irinex | Irinex-Brushes-by-Abra-Iride | Abra Iride Sint | Abra Iride Granito | Abra Iride Diamant Frankfurt | Abra Iride Levigacoste | Abra Iride Bricks-5Extra | Abra Iride 5Extra | Abra Iride-Diamant | Abra Iride Protos | Abra Iride Lux Granite | Abra Iride Diamant Fickert

Ordering Information:
(any pdf order forms may be filled out, Save-As, and emailed to us)
Diamond Blade Order Information Form
Questions if interested in a Wire Saw
Questions for Diamond Wire testing or choosing Diamond Wire
Stencil Part Numbers-Anchor
SKS Letters and Designs
Marco Two Hole Junior Metering Valve Kit
Empire Saf-Stop II parts list
Empire Sure-Flo Parts List
Vacuum Lifters-Order Form
Lithichrome Part Numbers
Feathers and Wedges -Parts and Sizes
Cembre Cordless Crimper- B51 Parts
Cembre Cordless Crimper HT51 Parts List
Name Plate-Order Form