Lupato Texture Tooling

Miles Supply is happy to partner with Lupato Meccanica of Italy. Whether your texture is bush hammering, sanding, sandblasting, nicking, scratching, rolling, anti-skid, or grooving; Lupato offers a solution for your grinder, line polisher, edge polisher, radial arm machine, or even a bridge saw. Most rough finishes work on marble and many on granite.

Tools for finishing granite, marble, limestone, sandstone slabs and tiles. Can be fixed on plates for polishing machines, portable hand tools, rolling machines, rollers, frankfurt-shaped, manual, automatic, and floor polishing machines. A wide variety of textured finishes of fine, medium, and coarse surfaces or edges.

See Lupato YouTube page for all video | on Lupato’s website, filter to view the finish and then search for its tool

See more textures in Lupato catalog


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