NewTech LogoSince the invention of the Hydro-bag, it has completely revolutionized bench excavation in quarries! Hydro-bags enable the stripping of blocks up to 1000 tons or more, without the need to prepare slots to house jacks. Since the hydro-bag has an original thickness of just 2mm (0.08″) it can easily slip into a wire saw cut. See water bags in quarry video | See NewTec brochure

Hydro-bags, also known as Water Bags, are dilating hydraulic cushions that consist of two sheets of high tensile steel. The water bags expand under the pressure of water pumped at 30-40 bar, permitting a maximum dilatation of 25-30 cm (approx 1′) and a thrust force up to 1000 tons*.

The Hydro-bag is environmentally-friendly since only running water (not oil as in hydraulic jacks) is the dilatation fluid. It is safe; even if Hydro-bag’s cushion blows due to excessive inflating pressure there is no deflagration because water, not air, is the inflating media. The Hydro-bag doesn’t require any maintenance; simply throw it away after using (until it is broken).

*For one cushion, the thrust force obtainable can reach up to 1000 tons. Couple two or more cushions to obtain higher performances; side by side or combined together in packs.

Equipment required for Hydro-bag consists of:
1. Electric pump to create the pressure for the cushions;
2. Safety valves and distribution valves;
3. Pipes, cocks and inlet filters;
4. Quick couplings;
5. Hydro Bag (also known as Water Bag) cushions.

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