Water Bag

Water bagging is a simple, economical, and safer method for quarry block stripping.

Water bags offer:
– Reduced prep time; stone sections remain intact, without breaching;
– NO explosives;
– reduced or no use of hydraulic jacks;
– less noise and dust;
– respect for the local environment;
– increased safety for the operators;
– no maintenance.

Always looking for innovation, NEWTEC has revolutionized the traditional pillow hydraulic spreader, making it more powerful, convenient and accurate. The new water bag cushion, covered by an industrial patent, is safer, has 25% more resistance due to the solder only on 3 sides instead of the usual 4. It has a high deformability.
Miles Supply stocks HYDRO BAG sizes: .5X.5, 1 X1 meter (like sizes shown at left) but we can get custom sizes – ask us about NewTec’s new sizes!

DF1236   NewTec Hydro bag Power Push 1 x 1 meter
DF1237   NewTec Hydro bag .5 x .5 meter

Product Variations
DF12361 x 1
DF1237.5 x .5