What questions will we ask you if interested in a wire saw?

What sort of questions will we ask you if you’re interested in a wire saw?
There may be a lot of variables, and that’s why it’s likely best to have a phone conversation. But it can be quite simple; boiling down to 3 major questions:
what is the block size, what is your material, and what are you producing.


In general, the size ranges are whether your block heights are below or above
– 1.2m (~4′)
– 2m    (~6.5′)
– 2.5m (~8.2′)


Your type of stone (and percentage, if more than one) helps determine the machine you need.


Do you want to
– square
– slab
– profile

Miles Supply is ready to help you determine the diamond wire saw machine that best suits your specifications. Here are some general questions you can use for consideration/preparation:

Customer Machine Questionnaire
Company Name
Company Contact Info
Do you want a formal quote or just info?

What type of equipment are you interested in?
What is the intended use of the equipment?
What are you looking for in production? (sq. Feet per hour or amount of work done)
What is the material, type of stone or stones, you are working with? (if multiple list % of each)
Average size of the material you are working with (Blocks or slabs)
Timeframe of purchase

Call Eric at 800-396-8049 or click RFQ Request a Quote button on a stone machine you like.