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Water Filtration System install

Completely automated Water Filtration System with up to 98% recovery water recycling… A New Waste Water Treatment and Slurry Dewatering Plant for a GRANITE processing line. đź’§ â™» Fraccaroli & Balzan’s decades of expertise, and meticulously designed and fabricated advanced water treatment and sludge dewatering facility. A pinnacle in the field of wastewater treatment, showcasing… Read more »

Concrete surfacing with Surie Polex

Miles Supply has access to many products for surfacing concrete, as well as the stone industry. Let us know the products you need. Here is a catalog for concrete treatment products from Surie Polex. View CONCRETE CATALOG here. Some pages of interest: Resin pads and diamond pads for concrete, How to Polish Concrete, metal abrasive… Read more »