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MEC Open House – June 5

Staff from MEC stone splitters are coming from Italy to train our staff and to meet you. Come visit Miles Supply in Elberton GA on Wednesday, June 5th from 9-3. Open House to learn more about MEC Splitters: • meet MEC & Miles Supply Staff • see Equipment onsite • ask your technical questions 1599… Read more »

Water Filtration System install

Completely automated Water Filtration System with up to 98% recovery water recycling… A New Waste Water Treatment and Slurry Dewatering Plant for a GRANITE processing line. 💧 ♻ Fraccaroli & Balzan’s decades of expertise, and meticulously designed and fabricated advanced water treatment and sludge dewatering facility. A pinnacle in the field of wastewater treatment, showcasing… Read more »

Concrete surfacing with Surie Polex

Miles Supply has access to many products for surfacing concrete, as well as the stone industry. Let us know the products you need. Here is a catalog for concrete treatment products from Surie Polex. View CONCRETE CATALOG here. Some pages of interest: Resin pads and diamond pads for concrete, How to Polish Concrete, metal abrasive… Read more »

Layout your Shop to be efficient

[shown here: SandHander, Empire tanks: stationary & portable, conveyor, manual curtain, ducting,  Torit dust control, Marco blast pot]Miles Supply has supplied products for the stone industry for 70 years. We’ve sold you equipment and supplies like stencils and abrasive as well as handling equipment. But did you know that we will do site visits to… Read more »

Diamonds Staying in the Rough

Diamonds staying in the Rough – Industrial diamonds used in the Stone Industry -adapted from Cutting Edge article Because of granite’s high hardness rating, a harder material is required to efficiently cut it. Such as a diamond (or SiC which is hard but not as hard as diamond). Advancements in the use of industrial diamonds… Read more »

NOVA3 blasting respirator helmet

Miles Supply has been field testing with our customers a new style battery powered helmet. This could eliminate the return air filter as well as another hose. It’s the Nova3 helmet for sandblasting. And so far so good. We can offer this as an option in our Brooksie Blaster set up. | Click to RFQ “Works… Read more »

Pellegrini at 2022 Marmomac

Update for 2023, see Eptawire 7 independent guide wheels for flexible thickness Pellegrini will be at Marmomac+ 2022 in a big way! AREA A BOOTH 13-14 Here are some featured equipment to expect as well as other comprehensive info! You can also check Pellegrini news on Marmomac+ website and app: (for English, click on IT on the… Read more »

New Product – Biodegradable Earplugs!

The world’s first bio-degradable plant based earplugs; we think these are pretty cool! – click for RFQTo Request a Quote from Monty, click: for Biosoft earplugs Help the planet and help your Green Initiative with these Biodegradable Earplugs – NEW! Lower your carbon footprint with plant-based ear plugs! Why on Earth buy any other earplugs?… Read more »

Hartco Stencil info & updates

Introducing new Hartco Stencil for the monument industry! We are pleased to offer this option to alleviate supply chain issues! Miles Supply has tested and will continue to test this new stencil series, Call us or stay tuned here for updates. Click for Hartco RFQ. This is from a facebook post: Benton Bolt: “I work… Read more »

3M Stencil announcement

Below is the 3M announcement, as most of you know by now. As we continue to navigate through supply chain issues and production schedules, we are doing our best to take care of our stencil customers. Most orders we send will be partials – we know you need to get by – so, presently, we… Read more »

LupatoID for coding Lupato’s textures

LupatoID helps codify the rough finish that you want on your stone. Texture is another surface or finish that changes the look of a stone, even the same stone can take on a completely different character. On you will find codes for finishes that can be made on the surfaces of many kinds of… Read more »

Another SandHandler Set-up Install

…and another happy customer! An efficient sandblast production line – featuring our SandHandler. Roller system being installed to and from the SandHandler Sandblasting production line with view of empire blaster, roller system, ductwork. Miles Supply’s planning and installing includes ducting to the StoneFlo Dust collector outside

Miles Supply’s New Line of Cleaners!

Made in Vermont, our line of cleaners do what the big label products do. RFQ or BUY online.Choose the cleaner formulated for your stone –  it does what the big label products do. Request quotes for Granite & Masonry Cleaner, Marble Bio-stain Cleaner, Black Granite Cleaner, and the oil stain poultice Oil Remover Putty. Dirty Rock has been… Read more »

Fraccaroli & Balzan waste water plants for tunneling

Fraccaroli & Balzan for the tunneling sector: Waste Water Treatment and Slurry Dewatering Plants – Filterpresses for TUNNELING SECTOR. MOBILE PLANT This plant treats wastewater coming from the excavation of tunnels built with the TBM machine. PLANT IN NORWAY Benefits -Modular design, individually expendable -Flexible flow rate for all sizes of water circuits -Several options… Read more »

Spring Supplies – Miles Supply

Click on each product to see info and click on Request for a quotepdf Easy to run and set up: see our ‘Easy Set-Up’ Video See also Ducting and SandHandler installation pics Cemetery | Blasting Equipment | Sandblasting Supplies | Handling | Setting | Cleaning | Abrasives Aardwolf Lifters – many varieties – ask Miles Supply… Read more »

Virtual Showcase TISE 2021

TISE 2021 Virtual Show Click on any slide for info and to request a quote!: Please scroll down and click on the items that you are interested in. See  EVO Robot wire  |  or check our QUARRY-specific equipment by Pellegrini 800-396-8049 | Call us at one of our 6 locations or click on ‘Request a… Read more »

PolyOne machine of the month

PolyOne is Stone World’s machine of the month for December! POLYONE is Pellegrini’s new revolutionary multiwire saw. It makes 20 cuts, in one single shot, with only 10 wires! Makes 1 cm slabs as well as the standard 2 and 3 cm slabs. The ‘magic’ patented idea behind this machine doubles the productivity per wire. POLYONE’s special wire… Read more »

10X abrasive superb results

We love to hear from our customers! Dean M. was happy to find abrasive supplied locally in Texas but also became pleased with 10x abrasive’s performance. This is what he wrote to our salesman Geoff in TX: “Miles Supply stocking 10X Engineered Materials abrasive blast media is wonderful. I decided to use the 40/70 grade… Read more »

Equipment with its supplies…

Are you thinking about upgrading? Increasing your production? Our knowledge and assistance does not stop at just stone equipment, here at Miles Supply we also supply most consumables and everyday products in the stone industry. We offer abrasive, polishing bricks, brushes, & pads, blades & tips, CNC tools, stencil & supplies, nozzles, abrasives, stone paints… Read more »

Surfacing with Lupato Texture Tools

Miles Supply brings to the US Lupato texture tools for granite-sandstone and marble-limestone. Call us, and we can walk you through what you want. Or use their website to ascertain your needs, then you can order it through us. On Lupato’s website, filter to view the finish you want and then search for its tool…. Read more »