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Diamond Pad Line-Ups: polishing & honing formulas

Honing and Polishing with Wayne’s Diamond Polishing Pad Line Up Formulas: polish & hone grit sequences, using diamond pads, for granite, concrete, marble, and artificial stone. Here are Wayne’s recipes for grit sequences, using our Miles Supply Gloex wet diamond polish pads and surprisingly also dry diamond discs (but using them water in the same… Read more »

Carbide Tools

SDS-PLUS HAMMER DRILL BIT 3/4″ IRWIN 322047 for $16.50 – while supplies last! Click for Carbide Tool page. We have so many tools, with multiple sizes, shapes, and purposes. With Styles such as Tracer, Handset, and Chipper, shown here. Here is a list of the categories of tools that you may ask to order or… Read more »

Chart for Compressed Air, Nozzle Size, PSI, Abrasive Consumption – SandBlasting Stone

Chart for compressed air and a few frequently asked questions about sandblasting. (stay tuned for more – or ask us YOUR questions…) There are many factors that affect your results in sandblasting. This chart can help you understand the complex relationship between nozzle size, psi, and your compressor’s power output. Is my compressor big enough… Read more »

Paint Remover – Elephant Snot Really Works!

Paint Remover – Elephant Snot was tested here at Miles Supply… and we love it! The stone on the right had old black paint on it and we also applied the red paint to see if it could be removed… The stone on the left shows the great results! Here it is from another angle…. Read more »

Safety & Well-Being for Everyone

The Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer in the Purell Visitor Wellness Center can help you demonstrate your commitment to community well-being. The Purell Visitor Wellness Center is a solution to comply with healthcare guidelines and communicate your commitment to quality care. Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer refills, dispenser, and stands.     Help prevent the transmission of respiratory… Read more »

Improved CNC PadHead™ Polishing & Grinding Head!

Improved Model C PadHead™ polishing & grinding head! Wayne, Miles Supply’s design engineer for the PadHead™ polishing & grinding head, continues to make improvements to his patented unique designs! The head already has made drastic improvements to the cutting of the stones, but including the low-profile aspects of this new design offers even more stability… Read more »

Yonani Veneer Saw at Miles Supply

Here’s the veneer saw with all the advantages! Yonani’s Vibration Technology for better cutting! More cooling water gets to the cutting area with a vibration fence, keeping the stones freely moving by a single belt. (click Request for Quote on bottom of page) Groundbreaking vibration technology in thin Veneer sawing, for better cooling of blades,… Read more »

Great Show! StonExpo in Vegas

Our guys from several of our locations were at the TISE StonExpo in Las Vegas Jan 30-Feb 1 Booth #3745 At our booth they had: Pellegrini’s DF1200 SHV Jolly – single-diamond-wire machine from which our customers have made artful and functional projects! Pellegrini’s Quarry Drill SD76 Lupato displays of plates, machine, and texture results on various kinds… Read more »

Machine Catalog Online

Our new Machine Catalog! (Click on table of contents or click on images for more information.)…/2017/12/MachineCatalog2018.pdf

Name That Nozzle

Can you name all of these nozzles and holders?