Surfacing with Lupato Texture Tools

Miles Supply brings to the US Lupato texture tools for granite-sandstone and marble-limestone.

Call us, and we can walk you through what you want. Or use their website to ascertain your needs, then you can order it through us.

On Lupato’s website, filter to view the finish you want and then search for its tool.

For instance choosing Sandblasting texture, on Granite, with 800 grain size, brings you to the Dia-Abrax tool. From there is the plate size options for stationary machines, and a portable choice is the Tanga with its Dia-Abrax tool.

Stationary machine options can include manual or automatic polishing machines, various size plates or frankfurt adapters, there’s even an adapter to use on your bridge saw. Portable options can include using your own grinder, and floor machines.

These Abrax tools are used in various sizes of plates for CNC or automatic polishing machines or can be in a portable tool application. AA0748

Lupato abraxSo in this example, you wanted sandblast texture on granite and it brought you to an Abrax type of tool, with its options noted above.








Call us with your texture choice

Whether you call us or browse their website, you start with this decision tree:
What texture do you want?
– on what stone type granite/marble
– Thickness or grain size
– Format: flat surface, antiskid, edges
Machine type you’re using?
– under stationary or portable categories
“Here’s the tool you want”…

Filter for Material (granite/marble), Fixed or Portable, then Finish that you want – then search the tools.

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Some video of Lupato texture tools in action. Check out all of them on Lupato’s channel.

using a bridge saw for rolling


Bushhammer texture

Bushammer finish

Sandblasting texture

for scratching finish


for portable bushammering

portable tool holder for scratching


floor machine examples

These textures use these tools:

Virgolato = Comma – use KINKI tool
Spuntatura = Nicking – use SPUNTY tool (available on plate, frankroll, stona, and VOR)
Bocciardatura su marmo = Bushammering on marble – use VARIA tool (available on plate, frankroll, stona, tanga, micra, VOR)
Bocciardatura su granito = Bushammering on granite – use COMPENSAZIONE tool or HAMMER tool (available on plate, tanga, micra, VOR)
Sabbiatura su marmo = Sandblasting on marble – use ABRAX tool (available on plate, frankroll, stona, tanga, VOR)
Sabbiatura su granito = Sandblasting on granite – use DIA-ABRAX (available on plate, stona, tanga, VOR)
Fascia bocciardata = Bushammered stripe – use ASOLA tool
Fascia sabbiata = Sanded stripe – use ASOLA ABRAX tool
Graffiatura su marmo = Scratching on marble – use GRAFFIATORI scratching rollers
Graffiatura su granito = Scratching on granite – use GRAFFIATORI scratching rollers
Rullatura = Rolling on Marble – use DRAGO, ROLLEX, BIRBA, ROLLING MACHINE
Rullatura su granito = Rolling on granite – use DRAGO, DIA-ROLLEX, ROLLING MACHINE
Virgolato in linea = In line comma – use PIKO
Antiscivolo bocciardato su marmo = Bushammering antiskid on marble – use TANGA C, TANGA, MICRA
Antiscivolo sabbiato = Sandblasting antiskid – use TANGA C, TANGA
Antiscivolo bocciardato su granito = Bushammering antiskid on granite – use TANGA C, TANGA, MICRA
Antiscivolo graffiato = Scratching antiskid – use scratching rollers or BIRBA
Antiscivolo rullato = Rolling antiskid – use BIRBA
Antiscivolo bocciardato in linea = In line bushammering antiskid – use BIRBA
Antiscivolo rigato su granito = Grooving antiskid on granite – use BIRBA
Toro Bocciardato = Bushammered bullnose – use TANGA C, TANGA, MICRA

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