Miles Supply’s New Line of Cleaners!

Made in Vermont, our line of cleaners do what the big label products do. RFQ or BUY online.Miles Supply's economical cleaners that work for specific stone types. from the professionals at Dirty Rock cleanersChoose the cleaner formulated for your stone –  it does what the big label products do.
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Dirty Rock has been cleaning monuments all over our beautiful cemeteries here in Vermont. What do they use? Products they have formulated. They know what works. And now Miles Supply can distribute it to you!

Here is a before and after Dirty Rock did using Granite & Masonry Cleaner!

Before and After for Granite Cleaner

See the video on how easy this stone cleaned up on our YouTube channel.

“the cleaner works great!”
“I am amazed at how easy and good it works. Can’t beat it”

Below is the Marble Bio-stain Cleaner gif – the initial clean, on the same day, looked pretty good with a thorough scrubbing and rinse – but check out how much whiter after several weeks! (Note: it often doesn’t look that great after applying on that first day, but the finished result will reveal over time, rain, and sun.)

Miles Supply Marble Cleaner before and after

This video shows the same Marble Bio-stain Cleaner solution made for Miles Supply:

“The difference between our Granite & Masonry cleaner and our BioStain Remover (marble cleaner), is that the marble cleaner is a much more gentle, biologically friendly cleaner, made specifically for marble. (Marble is a very soft stone, it’s almost like a sponge, so you don’t want to put aggressive acid or too much pressure on it. It could eat away at the stone and damage it.) Throughout the years Marble Bio-stain Cleaner continues working and keeping the biological growth at bay.”

black granite cleaner example

^ Thanks to Paul Clark for his pictures using Black Granite Cleaner. (great grooming work, too!) P&S Clark Monument Restoration, Repair, And Cleaning

Stay tuned we will update this page as we show more examples! See Dirty Rock’s facebook page for examples, too.

before and after pictures using Granite CleanerSee info and request quotes for Granite & Masonry CleanerMarble Bio-stain Cleaner, Black Granite Cleaner, and the oil stain poultice is back with Oil Remover Putty.
See precautions here.

Not only monuments and tombstones, these cleaners clean stone walkways, stairs, benches, pool surroundings.

See info and request quotes for:
Granite & Masonry Cleaner, |  Marble Bio-stain Cleaner, |  Black Granite Cleaner, and the oil stain poultice is back with Oil Remover Putty.  See precautions here.

We asked Dirty Rock, as experts in cleaning stone, their opinion and for tips:

  • What Tips do you have?
  • What have you learned from your experience in cleaning monuments?

    • • There are a lot of opinions which get perpetuated. We’ve cleaned a lot of stones. If you use our (or the other guys’) biological cleaner on granite, you are wasting your money. It’s for soft stone, which absorbs the solution. If you use it on granite, the scrubbing and water will look like it’s working… the solution washes away and your stone will get dirty again. If you use the correct cleaner for the correct stone, your cleaning will last for years (except for bird droppings, etc.) Same if you use only water and some scrubbing (your stone doesn’t brighten up as much), or even with another popular cleaner for granite; it will get dirtier much sooner.
    • Why did you decide to formulate your own cleaners? Basically price and we knew how to make them. We knew what would clean the different stones. We added some biologic ingredients to the granite cleaner to help the stone stay cleaner longer. For marble, it needs patience and a different formula in order not to damage it.
    • • We can’t say it often enough, for polished stone, you must keep it wet and not allow the solution to dry on it. It will damage the polish. Also if there are polished stones surrounding, cover and/or rinse them off.
  • • When using Dirty Rock products I would suggest covering all metals with plastic for precautionary reasons.
  •  —
    • • A lot of people say to not use a power washer. If you’re a novice, maybe you shouldn’t; you’ll just have to repeat and scrub more. We have learned when to back off a little and which nozzles are good to use, and to keep the wand moving. It’s important to note that Marble is especially vulnerable and warrants special caution.
    • • We think it’s worth it to get the pump sprayer (for applying the cleaner) that we use in the videos. It doesn’t cost a lot and you’ll use less cleaning solution. A safety tip that we always adhere to is letting out the pressure from the pump sprayer each time we lay it down. It’s a habit to guard against accidently stepping on the wand and getting sprayed with cleaner.
    • • When a stone is especially dirty, we automatically repeat with another round of cleaning. After your stone looks so great, you’ll be disappointed if you missed a spot.
    • • After spraying (or spraying and scrubbing) the marble bio cleaner, the stone will look worse. This is part of the process, with a rinse, time, rain and sun – it will look so much better.
    • Note: it will take longer if under a tree or in the shade; because the sun and rain do the work!
    • If I don’t have a pressure washer, will I get the same results? Yes. You’ll likely need to scrub more and to repeat the process. Make sure that you rinse properly with plenty of water; via bucket or hose.