Miles Supply’s New Line of Cleaners!

line of cleaners

Made in Vermont, this line of cleaners do what the big label products do.

Dirty Rock has been cleaning monuments all over our beautiful cemeteries here in Vermont. What do they use? Products they have formulated. They know what works. And now Miles Supply can distribute it to you!

Here is a before and after Dirty Rock did using Granite & Masonry Cleaner!

Granite Cleaner before and after

See video on how easy this stone cleaned up on our YouTube channel.

This video shows the same Marble Bio-stain Cleaner solution made for Miles Supply:

“The difference between our Granite & Masonry cleaner and the BioStain Remover (marble cleaner), is that the marble cleaner is a much more gentle, biologically friendly cleaner, made specifically for marble. Marble is a very soft stone, it’s almost like a sponge, so you don’t want to put aggressive acid or too much pressure on it. It could eat away at the stone and damage it. Throughout the years it continues working and keeping the biological growth at bay.”


Stay tuned as we show more examples!

before and after pictures using Granite Cleaner


Also view from Facebook: New Granite Cleaner example video, this May!

See info and request quotes for Granite & Masonry CleanerMarble Bio-stain Cleaner, Black Granite Cleaner, and the oil stain poultice is back with Oil Remover Putty.
See precautions here.

Not only monuments and tombstones, these cleaners clean stone walkways, stairs, benches, pool surroundings.

See info and request quotes for:
Granite & Masonry Cleaner, |  Marble Bio-stain Cleaner, |  Black Granite Cleaner, and the oil stain poultice is back with Oil Remover Putty.  See precautions here.