Oil Remover Putty

Oil Remover Putty is a poultice that is smeared onto the oil stain in the stone. Wait about a day for the putty to absorb the stain. This Stain Cleaner is Made in Vermont.
Improved packaging keeps better from drying out.

See more information including pics, video, and precautions. | See also cleaners for GraniteMarble, and Black Granite.

Oil Remover Putty Directions
1. Stir & Apply oil poultice with wooden stir stick
2. Tape off with plastic/saran wrap
3. Let sit for 24 hours
4. Brush with fiber scrub brush or rinse off
Repeat process if needed
AI1066 16 fl oz Oil Remover

  • Protective Measures: Avoid eye and prolonged skin contact. Wear protective gloves if possible. Store in cool dry place; no prolonged sunlight. Do not use or store near open flame.