Black Granite Cleaner

Our Black Granite Cleaner leaves a streak-free finish and it won’t discolor or etch when used as directed. This formula is developed just for the unique needs of black granite! Made in Vermont.
See more information including pics, video, an precautions. | See also cleaners for GraniteMarble, and oil stains(click here to Buy online or RFQ below)

Black Granite Cleaner Directions:
1. Wet down stone & surrounding area
2. Apply cleaner with pump sprayer or spray bottle
3. After cleaner is applied, scrub stone with scrub brush. Do not let stone dry.
4. Rinse stone with pressure washer, hose, or spray bottle
Repeat process if necessary
AI1065 GALLON Black Granite cleaner

-Avoid prolonged contact or use PPE (safety glasses, gloves, etc.)
-Wash hands after use.
(Not recommended for indoor use)
  • Protective Measures Avoid eye and prolonged skin contact. Wear safety glasses and protective gloves if possible. Not a hazardous substance or mixture.