3M Stencil announcement

Below is the 3M announcement, as most of you know by now. As we continue to navigate through supply chain issues and production schedules, we are doing our best to take care of our stencil customers. Most orders we send will be partials – we know you need to get by – so, presently, we cannot do drop ships. Pricing has already changed, we don’t know when or if it may change again. But pricing will need to be at the point of shipment.3M Announcement latterBack to Stencil Supplies | Anchor stencil product info, tech sheets, and charts

text as follows:

October 18, 2021

Dear Valued Miles Supply partners, customers and friends,

On Friday October 15, 3M announced it will be exiting the stencil and filler markets effective immediately. This will be a very challenging time for our industry to navigate through.

I can assure you that Miles Supply is working diligently on a plan to address this industry disruption and have taken the steps necessary to prepare and plan for what lies ahead.

I would ask that you please do your part and NOT order more than usual from us or any other suppliers. This will only compound the shortage issue for the long haul. I would also suggest prioritizing your orders and only blasting what absolutely has to be done for the near term.

IPG/Anchor has assured us that while they have a short term challenge with raw materials for double liner material, they anticipate this being remedied in the very near future.

Miles Supply will be updating any 3M orders that were in our systems to the Anchor/IPG product line.  If you have an order in the system, this will happen automatically and will be processed accordingly.

Please plan on receiving at least partial releases to these orders in the coming weeks.

We apologize for this news and want you to know that we are taking all of the necessary steps to stay ahead of this for you.

Adam Martin
Miles Supply

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No more 3M stencil, so this conversion chart helps to find the similar Anchor stencil