NOVA3 blasting respirator helmet

Miles Supply has been field testing with our customers a new style battery powered helmet. This could eliminate the return air filter as well as another hose. It’s the Nova3 helmet for sandblasting. And so far so good. We can offer this as an option in our Brooksie Blaster set up. | Click to RFQ

Nova 3 respirator helmet

“Works great for outside blasting and onsite. It keeps you cool while blasting and you don’t have to worry about dragging all the hoses and everything out.”
These quotes are from customers who’ve tried it. Note that one observation was that the curved vs a flat lens may affect depth perception when shape carving.

A premium sandblasting option. This model comes with a battery PAPR powered air purifying repirator. Keeps you safe, cool, and comfortable. Tear-off lens system. Customizable motorcycle-helmet-padding deadens noise. Designed for superior comfort and peripheral & downward visibility. Non-fogging air flow.  AV1277

Here’s some info we gleaned from the manufacturer RPB: (see their information video) | RPB-Blasting-Industry-Brochure (pdf)

Premium Comfort / Wide field of vision

Design Features
Streamlined air flow directs air to the breathe zone and prevents fogging of the lens
Tough helmet shell, integrated hard hat manufactured from engineering grade nylon
Large visor window provides optimum downward and peripheral vision
Large latch that is easy to locate and use even when wearing gloves
Bellow seal creates a complete barrier against dust and particulates
Cape seal prevents abrasives and dust from entering the helmet
Nylon cape or other cape options.
Protection factor of 1000
Compatible with supplied air

nova3 helmet

Comfort Features
Adjustable padding to fit with the ratchet and molded side pads
Motorcycle helmet-like, close-fitting padding fits snugly and moves with your head
All padding is machine washable for hygiene purposes
Compatible with beards and glasses
33-78 db noise cancellation

Productivity Features
All parts are field replaceable using the allen key that sits neatly inside the padding
Compatible with our unique cassette lens system
Fast inner lens replacement
Removable visor for efficient lens replacement
Keeps downtimes to a minimum

RPB-Blasting-Industry-Brochure (pdf)