Brooksie Blaster 1.0 Kit for cemetery sandblasting

The Brooksie Blaster is named after a customer’s request! We now have 2 options we’ll call Brooksie Blaster 1.0 and 2.0.

1.0 version: The clever Marco air filter/blaster combo and other components individually include: PPE Clemco helmet with CO sensor, Boron nozzle, 6.5′ umbrella,  XAir SC70 compressor … The ‘combo’ is a Marco personal air filter with a Marco blaster; to use less hose. Can attach to a sun shade umbrella – Great for sunny days at the cemetery.

2.0 version: Marco blaster (alone) of your choice, NOVA3 battery-operated air helmet, which uses even less hose. Click for 2.0

Another Funeral Home customer says: “Used the equipment this weekend. Works great!”

Version 1.0 Example of what you can assemble into your own kit:

Brooksie Cemetery Kit components
Your 1.0 customizable kit components can include:
EA0024       MARCO BLASTER 35W
AV000025   Nozzle B3L4-H Boron 3/16″

AV000165   Helmet Clemco Apollo 20
AA000628   Clemco Air Breathing Hose 3/8″ 50′
AV000088   Hose 3/4″ x 50′ air couple
AV000199   Lens 100 pack 5″ x 7.5 x .007
AA1329       Clemco CO monitor for Helmet

AV1076       Brooksie Umbrella

—- another option needed:
EA1108       XAir SC70 Compressor option

(See general tips for Sandblast start-up) You can let us know what components you are interested in.