H and K Style Boron Carbide Venturi Nozzles

Boron Carbide is known as one of the hardest materials commercially available. This venturi design will increase your rate of production up to 50% over straight bore nozzles.

The same carbide insert in this nozzle is also available in the lighter FAP style, which is threaded.

K sizes available: 3/16” (AV000028), 1/4” (AV000033), 5/16” (AV000036), and 3/8” (AV000039).

H style sizes are: 1/8″ (AV000024), 3/16″ (AV000025), 1/4″ (AV000029), and 5/32″ (AV000023).

Product Variations
AV000028K NOZZLE B3M4-K BORON 3/16"
AV000033K NOZZLE B4M4-K BORON 1/4"
AV000036K NOZZLE B5M4-K BORON 5/16"
AV000039K NOZZLE B6M4-K BORON 3/8"
AV000023H NOZZLE B2-1/2L4-H BORON 5/32"
AV000024H NOZZLE B2L4-H BORON 1/8"
AV000025H NOZZLE B3L4-H BORON 3/16"
AV000029H NOZZLE B4L4-H BORON 1/4"