FAQ: Some Questions you may have had…

We’ve wanted to have a frequently asked questions FAQ page for some time. Our experienced staff does have many answers but they all insist that you, our customers, are unique; and each situation is different!

A typical conversation can go like this:

I’m thinking of starting to do sandblasting, what do I need for a start-up?

Well, do you want it inside or outside? (portable or stationary?)
What if I want to do both? Well for an outside portable blaster, we would recommend a Marco .35 but if you did more inside sandblasting you’d probably like a Marco 1.50 better but you wouldn’t be happy with lugging that to a cemetery very often. (For stationary, they’ll be more questions for you.)

How much for a whole Sandblasting set-up?

There is a significant progression of questions we’ll ask before ascertaining what you really need. There are many products and variables to even a “typical” set-up and prices change. But just for you to get a ball park start to all of this – you can count on $10,000 for a minimum investment.

Can I use my own Compressor?

Well that would save you money. But the compressor has to blow, at a minimum, 70cfm.

How much does a Compressor for sandblasting run?

After figuring out your unique needs, of course, you’re looking at around $8000 minimum.

Where can I save some money?

    • • many customers like to use our double-sided tape instead of stencil glue because this saves the extra step of, and money for, cleaning off the glue with a citrus cleaner.
    • • try ceramic nozzles until you know what sizes you like to use, then it’s worth it to upgrade to the longer lasting carbide nozzles.
    • • don’t be tempted to save money by avoiding safety items. Yes, they are a significant added expense, in fact you should be suspicious of low cost ones. Count it in your budget. Granite dust in particular causes silicosis and there is no cure. The stone industry is much more safe in our day, due to safety systems and products. Ask us for recommendations.
  • • if you’re thinking of just doing “death dates” you might want to check out what the competition charges for it. Since they have the equipment already, you may find that you can’t compete with their prices.

Here’s some info in our Resources Section: Air Requirement Reference Chart | How to use the Air Chart | Lithichrome Color Chart |  Lithichrome Part #s | Lithichrome- How to apply it | Diamond Blade Order Information Form | Questions if interested in a Wire Saw | Questions for Diamond Wire testing | Speed Chart for Diamond Wire – Speed Chart for Blades | 3M Stencil info | Anchor Stencil info | Stencil-Reference Chart |

We are happy to answer your questions! Call us at VT: 800.396.8049 | GA: 888.283.5863 | PA: 888.278.8383 | MN: 800.789.0815 | TX: 844.883.4108 | IL: 815.847.0080

Maple Industry questions (for our Barre VT location)

Ha! Yup, with the maple sugaring side too, there are many variables to your situation! You really need to have a conversation with our guys. They are sugarers, too. (does that answer the question about how does Stone Industry products relate to Maple Industry items? – there really isn’t a relation besides that we have a store & warehouse and many of our staff like to sugar! 🙂

You can do your product research by checking out the CDL Maple Sugaring catalog, prices are subject to change – lately they’ve gone lower. Because we try to be a convenient location to pick up your maple sugaring emergency items as well as a whole set-up or upgrade, we try to carry what you need. But if you call ahead 802-476-3963, we can make sure have it for you.